Sunday, October 19, 2008

Should i play 1.e4? or 1.c4? or 1.Nf3? ...or 1.b4 !?

Kramnik ( photo right - in his feel good "teenager days") is trailing Anand by one point and he must have been thinking for the whole rest day today ...what to play against Anand tomorrow?

Should he play 1.d4 which has only gave him 1 points from 2 game so far ( both game draw) , or should he start with his normal choice - 1.Nf3 - going into the Catalan Opening...or should he perhaps surprise Anand with 1.e4 which however in my intensively prepared by Anand with his team just in case.

How about 1.b4 ?... 1.g4? or even 1.b3 !?..probably to extreme but if he is exhausted for opening surprise why not?

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