Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Forget Leko,Rublevsky,Fressinet or even...Kasparov advice!

Forget his (unsuccessful !?) seconder ( Leko, Rublevsky., Laurent Fressinet ..or even Kasparov advise ) , Kramnik probably need "help" from his wife - Marie-Laure Germon photo right - A French newspaper journalist to increase back his confident and stability after unsuccessful match so far. Kramnik is trailing Anand 1.5-3.5 after his second lost with white piece in game 5 and there's 7 game left to safe the match .

It seems that Anand who bring his wife - Aruna photo left - [ he always bring his wife anywhere actually :) ], seems to have a good time so far. It's probably debate able whether bringing your wife... or spouse [i have to be fair to Kosteniuk or Polgar's trio :) ] will give good effect to any sportsman ..or sportswomen ...even England football team had problem regarding this issue in the past . However as a married man ( i confess!) ...your wife/spouse do increase your confidence...especially if both haven't seeing ( or hear) each other for quite some time! What do you think?

Mr. and Mrs. Kramnik photo from chessbase.com
Mr. and Mrs. Anand rediff.com

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krazl said...

When I bring my wife to any tourney, she bring me goodluck where I always got top-10..

so it's true then... bring wife.. good luck