Sunday, September 14, 2008

Topalov is World No.1...Unofficially !?

Hahaha.... Anand, Kramnik...I'm "no. 1" now...hahaha.
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Veselin Topalov (photo above) has been listed as the World No. 1 in the unofficial chess rating list - chess live rating which calculate players above 2700 FIDE rating in any current tournaments. The official FIDE list is published 4 times each year, while this list is updated and published as games and tournaments are being played. The next FIDE list will be publish in October.

No.2 in the list is Russian - Alexandra Morozevich who must been happy in his house to watch majority of his collegues fight "unsuccesfully" in Bilbao Master to overtake him.

Interestingly the great achiever is definitely Chinese - Wang Yue ( photo right) who were listed in 10th place in the live rating. This will be the "first" time a Chinese player enter the World top 10!

The big loser must be the World Champion and "former" no. 1 - Vishy Anand was down to 5th place where as Magnus Carlsen has "jump" into 3rd place.

See the live rating list here and the FIDE July rating list here

The Chess Live Rating ( as 13th September 2008)

1. Veselin Topalov 2791
2.Alexander Morozevich 2787
3.Magnus Carlsen 2786
4.Ivanchuk 2786
5.Anand 2783
6.Kramnik 2772
7.Aronian 2757
8.Radjabov 2752
9.Leko 2747
10.Wang Yue 2736

The FIDE Rating ( July 2008 list)

1. Anand 2791
2. Alexander Morozevich 2788.
3. Kramnik 2788
4. Ivanchuk 2781
5. Veselin Topalov 2777
6. Magnus Carlsen 2775
7. Radjabov 2744
8. Mamedyarov 2742
9. Shirov 2741
10.Leko 2741

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cmliew said...

That's Li Chao, not Wang Yue

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Thanks, cmliew...i have change the photo.