Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pocket Fritz

This is the first time I post a chess programs review. First I would like to made it clear that I’m not a “technical expert” on this area . I just made this review based on some "research" from the net .

During the 2008 Malaysian Chess Festival held recently, my friend . - Richard Kimbin ask if I know about NOKIA pocket PC that can run Fritz. I told him that I don’t know... but later I mentioned to him that as far that i know, the drawback of pocket Fritz is it can only let us to play chess game but not able to use the common features as what chessbase family (Fritz,Hiarcs,Shredder) can do for eg. - game analysis, saving game and others..... How wrong am I !After i search in the net, i found that the new pocket Fritz 3 running in a pocket PC can do many thing as his “ big brother” can do! The most interesting thing is their strength is equivalent to FIDE 2650 – a strong GM !

You can read about Pocket Fritz 3 here .

Personally I think Pocket Fritz 3 is a “nice to have" gadget for any chess players. For instance, I myself are satisfied (right now!) with my new ACER ”Aspire One”

Netbook (photo right) that I bought at IMBI Plaza last month.

However, for any serious chess players/patzer with... a lot of money/credit cards... if you want to have Fritz… go ahead !It must be good to have a GM strength chess program that can be "put" in your pocket….and even bring it in your bed or...restroom too!

So now you can’t give any accuse if you perform badly in tournaments... because you can actually practice anywhere…while waiting for bus, LRT , flight…or even when… nature call .

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