Sunday, August 17, 2008

Team Philipines Win 2008 MERDEKA Rapid Open Team

Team Philipines ( photo above) win the 28th ASTRO MERDEKA Rapid Open Team Chess Championship 2008 which end today . The team were lead by two strong players - 1st board GM Darwin Laylo (2504) and 2nd board IM Julio Catalino Sadorra ( 2470). The remaining players is Allan Cantonjos ( 2205) and Roel Albegas (unrated).

Below is one of interesting position occurs in the final round game between Pinoy - IM Oliver Dimakiling who play for Wah Seong Group against Uzbek GM Sudaili Iuldachev who play for Goldis Berhad.

IM Oliver Dimakiling (2479) vs GM Sudaili Iulachev (2520)
MERDEKA Rapid Team Open 2008, Round 9, 17.8.2008

Black has made an interesting exchange sacrifiece and gain some compensation by exploiting white weakness on e3. Sudaili next move was so brilliant, especially when you consider his material deficit.

1...Nfxg4+!! 2.hxg4 Nxg4+ 3.Kf3 Qe7 ! the queen joint the attack. Black has a strong initiative here but it's still far from white to resign. At this point, i went to look around others table and after a few minutes i went back to the game and gooossshhh....what have happen?

Suddenly white has lost his queen and the exchange. Actually both players is not really in time trouble and infact, both have 10 seconds increment for every move. After a few more move, Oliver resign. 0-1..a truly magic by the Uzbek GM!

Some of you may wonder whyour GM hope - IM Mashafizul (photo below) didn't appear in my previous report for the rapid team event. Actually he play 1st board for ASTRO Malaysian Squad!

IM Mashafizul who had just return from his GM quest at Biel 2008 and 1st Saturday in Hungary show a solid performance as the 1st board player for ASTRO Malaysia Squad. If i'm not mistaken, he didn't lose any game in this tournament. (correction- IM Mas lost to IM Irwanto Sadikin in round 7)

I had the opportunity to ask him about his next tournament and Mas reply....The Malaysian Open ( DATMO 2008)! ...of course ....what a silly question by me, anyway ...i was so pleased when he accept my offer for a photo session ( photo right) ! I really hope he will have a good tournament in DATMO 2008....All the best Mas!!!
Before the end of the closing ceremony, i also had a nice photo session with retired but still famous Australian GM -Ian Rogers. He is now actively involve with USCF online as a tournament reporter! He also were said to be IM Mashafizul trainer.

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