Saturday, August 30, 2008

MCF GM Tournament - Day 5 : Last Seeded beat first seeded...with black !

GM Ziaur Rahman ( left) lost to WIM Zhang Xiaowen (right) !

Last seeded WIM Zhang Xiaowen (FIDE 2382) beat the top seed GM Ziaur Rahman (FIDE 2560) in the 5th round of the MCF GM Tournament 2008 today. The interesting thing is the charming lady the beat first seeded ....with black !

Round 5 result

FM Myo Zaw Min ( 2486) vs IM Mashafizulhelmi (2386) 0-1

GM Saidali Yuldachev (2520) vs GM Drazen Sermek (2509) 1/2-1/2

GM Ziaur Rahman (2560) vs WIM Zhang Xiaowen (2382) 0-1

Standing after Round 5

1. GM Drazen Sermek - FIDE 2509 ( Croatia) 3 1/2 points

2. GM Saidali Yuldachev - FIDE 2520 (Uzbekistan) 3 1/2 points

3. GM Ziaur Rahman - FIDE 2560 ( Bangladesh) 2.5 points

4. IM Mashafizul Helmi - FIDE 2386 ( Malaysia) 2.5 points

5. WIM Zhang Xiaowen - FIDE 2382 (China) 2.5 points

6. FM Myo Zaw Min - FIDE 2486 (Myanmar) 0.5 points

Below are the game of the day ( sorry guys, i'm having a problem to upload the game replayer. Trying to solve it..)

GM Ziaur Rahman (2560) - WIM Zhang Xiaowen (2382) [A45]

MCF GM Tournament (Round 5), 30.08.2008

1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5 c5 3.Bxf6 gxf6 4.d5 Qb6 5.Qc1 f5 6.c4 Bg7 7.Nc3 d6 8.e3 Nd7 9.Nh3 Nf6 10.Bd3 Ne4 11.Nd1 Qa5+ 12.Ke2 b5 13.cxb5 a6 14.f3 c4 15.Qxc4 Qd2+ 16.Kf1 Nc5 17.Nf4 axb5 18.Qc2 Qxc2 19.Bxc2 b4 20.Nh5 Bh6 21.Kf2 Bb7 22.b3 Bxd5 23.Nb2 Be6 24.h3 Rc8 25.Rac1 d5 26.Rhd1 0–0 27.g4 fxg4 28.hxg4 f5 29.g5 Bxg5 30.Rg1 h6 31.f4 Bf7 32.Ng3 Bh4 33.Kf3 Kh8
Black is definitely in control. His minor piece is all in active position!

Bxg3 35.Rxh6+ Kg7 36.Rch1 Be1 37.Rh7+ Kf6 38.Rxe1 Ne4 39.Rh6+ Kg7 40.Rh2 Rg8 41.Rg1+ Kf6 42.Rh6+ Rg6 43.Rhxg6+ Bxg6
44.Bxe4 fxe4+ 45.Kg3 Rc3 46.Nd1 Rd3 47.Re1 d4 48.Nb2 Rc3 49.Na4 d3 50.Nb2 Rc2 51.Nc4 Bh5 52.Rh1 Bf7 53.Ne5 Rxa2 54.Nxf7 Kxf7 55.f5 Rb2 56.Kf4 Rxb3 57.Kxe4 Rc3 58.Rb1 d2 59.Rd1 Rc2 60.Kd3 b3 61.e4 Kf6 62.Rg1 Rc1 63.Rg6+ Kf7 0–1

Below are IM Mashafizul victory against FM Myo Zaw Min (Myanmar)

FM Myo Zaw Min (2486) - IM Mashafizul Helmi (2386) [B23]

MCF GM Tournament (Round 5), 30.08.2008

1.e4 c5 2.d4 cxd4 3.c3 g6 4.cxd4 d5 5.e5 Bg7 6.Nc3 Nc6 7.Be2 f6 8.f4 Nh6 9.exf6 Bxf6 10.Nf3 Nf5 11.Bb5 0–0 12.Bxc6 bxc6 13.0–0 Bxd4+ 14.Nxd4 Qb6 15.Rf2 Qxd4 16.Qxd4 Nxd4 17.Be3 Nf5 18.Bc5 h5 19.Re1 Re8 20.Rd2 Kf7 21.g3 g5 22.Kf2 gxf4 23.gxf4 Ba6 24.Rg1 e5 25.Rg5 Kf6 26.Rxh5 exf4 27.Rh7 Rh8 28.Rxh8 Rxh8 29.Kf3 Ke5 30.Bg1 Nh4+ 0–1

GM Saidali Yuldachev (2520) vs GM Drazen Sermek (2560) - [B06]

MCF GM Tournament (Round 4), 29.08.2008

1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 3.Nc3 Qd6 4.d4 Nf6 5.Nf3 a6 6.g3 b5 7.Bg2 Bb7 8.0–0 e6 9.Bf4 Qb6 10.Be3 c5 11.a4 b4 12.a5 Qc7 13.Na4 Nbd7 14.Bf4 Qc6 15.Nh4 Qc8 16.dxc5 Bxg2 17.Nxg2 Qc6 18.Qd2 Qb5 19.Nb6 Ra7 20.Nc8 Ra8 21.Nb6 Ra7 22.Nc8 Ra8 23.Nd6+ Bxd6 24.Bxd6 Ne4 25.Qd4 Ndf6 26.f3 Nxd6 27.cxd6 0–0 28.Ne3 Rfd8 29.Nc4 Rac8 30.b3 Nd5 31.Rf2 Qc5 32.Qe4 Nf6 33.Qd3 Nd5 34.Re1 h6 35.Re5 Qc6 36.Rd2 Rxd6 37.Nxd6 Qxd6 38.Re4 Qc5+ 39.Kg2 ½–½


Ching said...

Sermek should be playing Black?

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Yes ching you are correct. Thanks. I have correct it.