Friday, August 15, 2008

India Won both Boy and Girl World Junior Champion!

GM David Howell (left) lost the final round against the eventual Champion- GM Abhijeet Gupta (right)

Indian- GM Abhijeet Gupta (2551) and IM Harika Dronavalli (2461) photo left both won the Boy and Girl 2008 World Junior Champion respectively . The tournament were held in Turkey from 3-15 August 2008.

India players excellent results were clearly shown when their player -GM Negi Parimarjan (2529) won the second place in the boy category!

The final round (r13) of the boy category was so dramatic because at the start of the round, the two leader- Briton GM David Howell and GM Gupta were paired against each other with Gupta playing the black piece.

Ok now come the interesting fact! - India now have won 3 category World Chess Champion - Man ( Vishy Anand), Boy - Gupta and Girl - Harikha!!!!

Below are the critical position in game between the two leader of the boy section in the final round.

GM David Howell (2561) – GM Abjeheet Gupta (2551) [C54]

WCh-Junior Gaziantep TUR (13), 15.08.2008

Black clearly have the advantage and the initiative here but Howell make the things more easy for Gupta by playing 25.Rxg4?? overlooking black tricky trap with 25...R3f4!! when after 26.Bxf4 exf4 27. Rg5 fxg3 28. fxg3 black win the exchange and the eventually the game a few move later. 0-1

Photo and details from the official site


Mohd Zambri said...

Move tutup muka ni selalu orang tak perasan. Bukan amatur jer yang kena GM 2600++ pon boleh kena. Jadi moral dia , selalu lah plan trap tutup muka ni memang terbukti berkesan...

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

" move tutup muka" istilah baru nie...boleh aku tambah koleksi "istilah chess" ...termasuk " ayah pin ", " terbobok-bobok"..."main otek - otek "...., .." main jangan tidak"...dan macam-macam lagi..! :)