Friday, July 18, 2008

Rybka 3 is out !

Rybka the king of the chess program have produced it latest version now! The version is said to be 80 points stronger then it predecessor which mean the strength is around FIDE 3000+. This would also mean that any human versus computer match would be irrelevant . Maybe the ideas of odds match should be considered as a standard or different ideas such as former World Champion- Anatoly Karpov suggested before, turn off the opening book for the computer ( because FIDE rules didn’t allow using database during official games) ! Excerpt :-

Article 12: The conduct of the players

12.1 The players shall take no action that will bring the game of chess into disrepute.

12.2a. During play the players are forbidden to make use of any notes, sources of information, advice, or analyse on another chessboard.It is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones or other electronic means of communication, not authorised by the arbiter, into the playing venue. If a player`s mobile phone rings in the playing venue during play, that player shall lose the game. The score of the opponent shall be determined by the arbiter.

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