Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nusa Mahkota 2008 Merdeka Team Preparation!

The back entrance of the Teratai Restaurant,Dayabumi,KL

Yesterday Nusa Mahkota Chess Club held a meeting/reunion to discuss our club preparation for the upcoming 2008 Merdeka Team which will be held in this August-September 2008. Our club have been participated in this Merdeka tournaments for more then ten years and almost all the team players is the same players which played with the team since the middle of the 90's!

The meeting in progress!

Our meeting were held at "our" former training/meeting place - The Teratai Restaurant at Dayabumi Complex, Kuala Lumpur. 3-4 years before, Teratai was our regular meeting place but since many of us has move (home and office) from KL, it's hard for us to meet regularly as before.

From Left: Sam, Irwanchuk and yours truly-Hairulov

This time we managed to gathered 4 of our team members ( Irwan, Sam, Rusdi and yours truly). Two of our team members couldn't turn up but they did call to show their commitment and love for the club.

Basically we discuss about how many teams we want to sent, which category ( rapid or long time control), line-up, schedule etc.etc. but actually most of time we discuss about our old stories, joke and recent career development. We're so proud with our President - Mr. Irwan - aka Iwanchuk who have been doing business in Dubai for some years. Although the challenge and competition there were tough for any businessmen, were are so happy that one of our member have been that far doing business! He even have a office there! One part of his fascinating (frightening!?) experience is when he was held by the Iranian airport official in one of his business trips. He was detained for hours for bringing marble samples which he ( and all of us) didn't know that marble can be used as an explosive! Fortunately after some interrogation, Irwan were released and could take his flight to Dubai!

BEFORE: Ok, for absentees ( Rizal Ahmad Kamal and Aziz Shukor) above is what you have missed. Yes, it's Kari Kepala Ikan - Fish Head Curry!

AFTER: The Kari Kepala Ikan did however effect Rusdi and Sam, concentration!

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