Monday, June 09, 2008

Malaysia Boys and Girls At The 9th ASEAN Age Group Championships , Vietnam 9-18 June 2008

Malaysia boys and girls will be competing at The 9th ASEAN Age Group Championships , Vietnam from 9-18 June 2008.

According to Peter Long, The Vietnam leg of the ASEAN Masters Circuit (IM Tournament) will be held concurrently, as well the ASEAN Seniors Championship, and the ASEAN Chess Confederation will also hold a Board Meeting on 15 June 2008 which will also discuss and plan the expansion of the inaugural ASEAN Grand Prix 2007/8 as proposed by the Philippines, and will also consider starting an ASEAN Clubs League as proposed by Indonesia.

Is our man IM Mashafizul participate in this tournament?

For the ASEAN Age Tournament:-

Results will be updated here

Official site here

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