Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Collin Madhavan in Harian Metro!

Last night at about 10.45 pm , i read an email from Collin Madhavan who inform me to check today (yesterday) newspaper - Harian Metro page V24 of Variasi which have a nice write-up about his recent simultaneous display in Seremban that set a Malaysian Book of Records .

The Harian Metro write up include six nice photos in its daily copy but unfortunately not included it in the online version. So that night, i immediately start my car [ my wife car actually :) ] and go to the nearest 7 Eleven ( which about 200m from my house) to buy the Harian Metro copy. Thank God there's still a few copy left.

Went to 7 Eleven at 10.50pm to buy a newspaper ?!

Below is the photos ( taken manually)

Collin received the Malaysia Book of Records certificate from the MOR official.

you can read another online report about the event here

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