Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Futsall Game With Suhairi

Last night I played a futsal game at Active Futsall, Bangi. My friend invite me to play a friendly match with one of MSSM Kuala Lumpur team. Although I’m not play football seriously anymore, I do play for fun with friends and to have a little bit workout .

Interestingly our opponents from Kl is a groups of teachers. One player that attract my attention is their goalkeeper because he used a head glove similar to rugby player and the one that Chelsea goal keeper Petr Cech(photo left) wore after his terrible accident in one of his game in the English Premier League.

To make the story more interesting, the MSSM Kuala Lumpur goal keeper wore a chess t- shirt and after looking carefully I noticed he is the famous Kuala Lumpur Chess Tournament organizer Suhairi (nickname: Suhairi Van Hussein-photo right).

After the game he said that he recognize me but not so sure and after i introduced my self as hairulov he immediately remmeber that i’m a chess player and chess blogger. We have a little chat about local chess stories before dismiss.

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