Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chess Gambling at Chow Kit !?

After reading Andrew Ooi comment regarding Harian Metro Article about chess "gambling" activities in Chow Kit by the Indonesian(Acheh), I must say that I strongly disagree with Harian Metro negative perception about the chess activities in Chow Kit. In my personal view, playing chess with money is not gambling because gambling is a game that rely almost 100% on luck but in chess the element of luck only involve maybe something around 5% only. To win a chess game you need superior chess knowledge, skills, mental and stamina. I think the writers doesn’t do his study before writing about the chess activities in Chow Kit. Probably he doesn’t know how to play chess !?

I myself have been to Chow Kit to watch the Indonesian play the games way back in the 90’s. I went there to see the Indonesian especially the late Agus Salim- the top player in Malaysian chess in the 90’s played against unknown Indonesians (Permanent resident I believe) in Chow Kit. They pay for about RM 5- RM 10 for a game of chess between them and the winner will take all the money. For me this is not a gambling activities but it’s more like a mini unofficial tournament. In officially tournament players pay the tournaments fee and hope to get prices after set of games (round) . But in this type of game, you get your money right after a game. So the different is more on the format but I think it is still a healthy thing!

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