Saturday, February 23, 2008

Live From Jayati, Section17 , Shah Alam!

Tonight, i'm planning to make a coverage for the weekly "saturday night fever tournament" at Jayati Restaurant, Section 17, Shah Alam. In the past the tournaments was held on friday night but sometimes it is also held on saturaday.

Saturday Night Fever is a 1977 movie starring John Travolta as Tony Manero, a troubled Brooklyn youth whose weekend activities are dominated by visits to a New York discotheque . The movie significantly helped to popularize disco music around the world, and made Travolta a household name.

In Malaysian Chess we have our own “night fever” that is the “Friday ( and Saturday!) Night Fever”. Almost every Friday ( or saturday) night, a group of chess player will gather at Jayati Restaurant at Seksyen 17, Shah Alam (near Shell pump-station) for a round robin tournament. The gathering held on Friday night because it will save the weekends for chess tournaments or family activity. The tournament use certain time control (eg. 15 minutes) depending on how many player turn-up during that particular night. Players that have played this tournament before is Kamaluddin Yusof, Mohd Saprin Sabri, Kamal Ariffin, Kamarul Ariffin,Shamsul Bahrin, Rusdi Sidi, Izz Shaifuddin, your’s truly and many familiar names in local circuit.
Shamsul Bahrain (right) in action at Jayati. Note that you are
free to smoke, answering call, eat, drink..etc during the games!

Usually the tournament will start at 9.00 p.m and last until late morning (2-3 p.m) but for tonight tournaments i have to confirm with the organise- Shamsul Bahrain. Last two years, i participated at this tournaments. At that time it have a prize money but his time i'm not sure.

When i played in 2006, the prize amount will depend on the total of participants. Every participant should pay RM 10 and the total amount will be given to the champion (winner take all!!!). But that’s not all, the champion must pay for every meal and drink order by the player during the tournament. But don’t worry, there is always extra money left after you settle the bill. I have won once and receive about RM 100 and after settling the bill I still have something like RM 50.00 . So it still worth it but the more important thing is we have a pleasant night doing thing that we like. So for anybody who like to feel the “Friday Night Fever” you’re welcome. (you can call Shamsul Bahrin, President of Puncak Alam Chess Club at 012-9363119 if you interested to play).

Photo from 17

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