Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jayati Saturday Night Fever!

Jayati Restaurant Section 17, Shah Alam main entrance

Last night as scheduled, a "Saturday Night Fever" gathering held at Jayati Restaurant, Section 17 Shah Alam. I myself turn up with several players like Shamsul Baharin (Sam), Syed ( from Klang), Max ( Shah Alam), Razali and several visiting kitbizers such as Faizul and Whitenaval and few others.

Whitenaval -Abdul Haq (right) the visiting player drop by directly from Kulim after attending the Kulim MSI Open which were held at the same day. It must have been a tiring journey for whitenaval from Kulim to Shah Alam which i think should take about 6-7 hours! A truly chess enthusiast!

Last night after the scheduled long time control game between Syed and Razali (1-0), we all decided to play a double round robin 10 minutes time control. The price money is RM 25 - every player pay RM 5 and winner will take all! After about 1 1/2 hours of play, Shamsul Bharin emerged as the winner!


The side entrance of Jayati Restaurant

We played at the back side of the Restaurant which is more privacy

Shamsul Bahrin (left) vs Hairulov (right) : Not like Short-Cheparinov in Corus 2008,
we don't have problem to shake hand before our game!

Syed (left) vs Razali (Right)

Faizul (left) vs Max (right)

Shamsul Bahrin doing the post morterm anlysis of Syed vs Razali game (1-o)

Shamsul Bahrin: Sorry , but i have to critics your move because...

Until next meet.......


eizran said...

gathering ni open ke? duk s.alam..klau de time2 teluang best gk dpt bekumpul main2 catur nih..huhu

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

open to all, untuk keterangan lanjut refer Shamsul Bahrin blog di