Friday, February 29, 2008

GM Eduard Gufeld Famous Joke!

The late GM Eduard Gufeld was a frequent visitor to Malaysian chess scene during the 90’s. He was a frequent columnist of Majalah Catur - a Malaysian Chess Magazine in the 90's which doesn't publish any more- not Gufeld fault :) . His activities here consist event such as Simultaneous display, training national players and he sometimes play in tournaments such as the MERDEKA Open team event. I remember one of his game in MERDEKA open during the 80’s where he trashed Kazahstan GM Bulat Asanov!

In one of the Berita Harian past article I found in my study recently, Gufeld gave a famous joke which related to the definition of chess piece in Malay (and Indonesian) . In Malay, the bishop is call “Gajah” or elephant in English. So below are his famous joke:-

In Malay

“ Catur boleh mengurangkan berat badan, kerana anda perlu menolak gajah (bishop)!”

In English (translation)

“ chess can make you lost weight, because you have to push the elephant (bishop)!”

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