Friday, January 18, 2008

Mas lost to IM Tirto

Round 9: IM Mashafizul vs IM Tirto 0-1

IM Mashafizul suffered another defeat against IM Tirto of Indonesia. This time he was beaten so easily that it take only 23 move for IM Tirto to force Mas to resign. In the game, Mas look like he doesn't have a clear plan to proceed the game after the opening phase where as his opponent have decent position with a strong bishop pairs and center pawn accompanied with decisive queen manuaver on Mas kingside that force Mas to resign immediately.

IM Tirto without doubt a strong IM but on Malayisan Open last year, another Malaysian the veteran IM Jimmy Liew beat him in a beautifull game. It show that there's few thing that Mas could learn from Jimmy :) You can see IM Jimmy annotated game here

IM Mas Hafizulhelmi(2382) - IM Tirto (2413)
ASEAN Masters Chess Circuit Round 9, 17.01.2008

IM Tirto has just played 21...Rf6. Black position was so strong especially the bishop on e3 which make white king breath uneasily in the king side.

22.Rfe1? 22.Kh1 although still losing but it would probably last more longer for Mas 22...f4 now black d7 bishop diaganol is open 23.g4 Qh4 Mas resign. because black rook will join "the party" with Rh6 and mate will soon follow 0–1

photo from indochess

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