Friday, January 11, 2008

The Corus Chess Tournament 2008

The Corus Chess Tournament 2008 will be held from 11-27 January 2008 in Wijk aan Zee, Holland. The Corus Chess Tournament is divide into three main tournaments - Grandmaster groups A, B and C . All participants will play in a round robin syatem.

The tops GMs who will play in the A group is the World Champion - GM Viswanathan Anand (top right) , The World No. 1 rated player- GM Vladimir Kramnik(left) and other top ellites such as former World Champ- Veselin Topalov(right), Leko, Judith Polgar and others. Unfortunately Gata Kamsky the winner of the recent World Cup didin't play because if he compete in this tournaments , it would be a great clash of the Unification World Championship 2008 Matchs that involved Anand,Kramnik, Topalov and Kamsky!

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