Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another Toiletgate Scandal !?

WIM Anna Rudolf (2242), 21 years old Hungarian women chess player were accused of cheating while competing in Vandoeuvre Open held from 26 to 30 December 2007 in French.

His triumph over stronger player like GM Christian Bauer (2634), IM Cyril Marzolo (2478), FM Colomban Vitoux (2394) in earlier rounds of the tournaments cause curiosity among some chess player . They were accusing Anna (photo above) was going too much to the toilet and use her lip bam (photo down right) but not like photo above-hehehehe!
in her bag as an internet connection to receive move from chess playing programme- Rybka!

The drama get more serious when one of her opponents protesting against her by refusing to shake hand before the start of their game . Anna were so affected by the accusation she cried and couldn’t concentrate on her game.

At the end of the tournament several player doing some checking with chess playing programme and found that the accusation is baseless because not many of Anna move were same with the computer choices.

GM Nigel Short have also "behaving" in a suspicious fashion during a tournament in 2005 in Kiev. but fortunately did not get caught (except on the picture) and consequently there was no forfeit or disqualification. The reason because he are not using chess software but rather looking at a chess diagram in a toilet!

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