Monday, January 07, 2008

2nd ACP Rapid: Ivanchuk Miss Mate In 5 !

In the quarterfinal of the 2nd ACP World Rapid Cup , Vassily Ivanchuk was eliminated by Radjabov (photo right) after a dramatic tie break where Ivanchuk (photo left) miss mate in 5 with about second left of his remaining time whereas Radjabov got about 3 second left.

Radjabov,T (2735) - Ivanchuk,V (2751)
2nd ACP World Rapid Cup Odessa UKR (2.5), 06.01.2008

Radjabov play 49. Qc3 but Ivanchuk who was holding the advantage but have second only miss the mate in 5 when he played 49...Rg8 ? [49...Qe3+ 50.Kg3 Rg8+ 51.Kh2 Qf2+ 52.Kh1 Qxf1+ 53.Kh2 Qg2# mate ! no luck this time Chucky! 1–0 Radjabov have 3 second left!!

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