Sunday, December 23, 2007

Katrina Kaif Chess Champion!

This morning while having my capati for breakfast , I glanced trough the newspaper (Mingguan Malaysia) and found an interesting article in the entertainment section. The title “Katrina Kaif Juara Catur” or Katrina Kaif Chess Champion.

Katrina (photo left) played with other actors such as Saif Ali Khan (photo right) and Akshaye Khanna (photo down) during rest hour of the movie Race.

Though she knew a few of the moves, she reportedly learnt the game in detail from Akshaye.
And within days, she acquired a good command over chess. She would even dare to play the gambit or camouflage her attack while playing with Akshaye, who in turn was pretty impressed by Katrina’s grasp over chess.

Back to my house I search for some info about this Bollywood actress. Here are the findings:-

Katrina Kaif (born July 16, 1984) is a model and Bollywood actress.

One of 8 siblings, Katrina was born on July 16, 1984, in Hong Kong to British parents, her father being of Kashmiri origin. She grew up in Hawaii and then moved to London.

At the age of 14, Kaif started modeling for a jewelry campaign in London, and was subsequently discovered by filmmaker Kaizad Gustad, who gave her a part in his film Boom. She moved to Mumbai and was offered a number of modeling assignments. However, filmmakers were at first hesitant to sign her because of her linguistic shortcomings, such as her inability to speak Hindi[5]. Films that did feature her usually had her voice dubbed over by a native speaker of the film's language. This changed with the film, Namastey London,along side Akshay Kumar & later Apne, in which she dubbed her own lines.

Source : wikipedia


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