Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kamsky Lucky Wrinkled Shirt!

Shirov vs Kamsky (Blue shirt again!)
Final Match game 2

According to Chessbase.Com, Kamsky blue short leaf shirt was label by many as his lucky shirt so far. In the final two games against Shirov, he looks like he is wearing the same shirts for both games but to be fair to Gata, he probaly brought more then one blue shirts but i really doubt it! Could it be the laundry service at the player hotels having someproblems !? He has used (wear) this blue shirt against Adley, Akruvh,Gorgiev, Svidler, Ponomariov, Carlsen and Shirov and so far the shirt haven't disappoint him-although he has wear it for the whole game in World Cup 2007-so far!!!

Shirov -Kamsky (Blue shirt again!)
Final Match , Game 1

Another interesting observation is the shirt seems a little bit wrinkled. Maybe because this time he has nobody to iron his cloth! This was totally different about ten years ago in his 1996 Final FIDE World Championship Match against Anatoly Karpov in Elista, Kalmykia when he has his "famous" father Rustam Kamsky to look after him. Hotels are avaible there but his father choose different place to stay. Their team was based on the outskirts of Elista, not far from lake. The team except the seconds ( Van Wely , Predrag Nikolic and Fedorowicz) was handled by relatives.His father act as the manager and appointed his three brothers to do the security job and his nieces to do the cooking.

Kamsky (Blue shirt again) vs Carlsen Round 5 Game 2

Kamsky(blue shirt again!)-Carlsen
round5, game 2

Kamsky (blue shirt again ) -Carlsen
round 5, game1

round4, game 3

Kamsky(blue shirt again)-Svidler
round 4, game 4

Svidler-Kamsky(blue shirt again)
round4, game3

Kiril Gorgiev-Kamsky (Blue shirt)
round3, game 1

Kamsky(blue shirt again) vs BorisAkruvh
round2 , game 1

Kamsky -Adly (2007 World Junior Champion)
round1, game1 (blue shirt with a coat)

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