Friday, December 21, 2007

Justin Ong Win the 4th Singapore Challengers Open International Tournament 2007!

When did you ever heard a Malaysian won an international chess event? In my previous post I concentrate on Malaysia players- IM Mashafizul Helmi and FM Lim Yee Weng performance in the Masters Open of the 4th Singapore International Chess Convention 2007 without realizing that there are others Malaysian participate in a lesser group category - the Challenger Section! Today I was really shock ( a good shock indeed) when I found that Malaysian Justin Ong photo right (seeded 64th!!!) won the Challenger category with a full point clear then the nearest rival Indonesian Kaisar Jenius Hakiki. He won the category ahead of many title and top seeded players such as FM Rian Kapriaga (Indonesia), FM Jonathan Wong Shern Yang (Singapore) and 3 WFM . Other Malaysian- Mohd Izz uddin also made a good performance by finishing 8th . The rest of Malaysia contingent Low Jun Jian, Nicholas Chong, N .Renitha and Wong Hao ( I think not related with China Super GM Wang Hao :) finished on 35th, 30th, 72nd and 60th respectively.

Although the main highlights of the tournaments is on the Master Open category but the Malaysian players on the Challenger Section lead by Justin Ong and co has “outshine” the Malaysian in Open section. Bravo Justin. You have made Malaysian proud!

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