Monday, December 03, 2007

Chess Players Died During Tournaments!

KUALA LUMPUR- Today i found a very shocking news from about a death of one of a chess player in a chess tournament (3RD STONEMASTER PRO/AMATEUR CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2007) held yesterday. According to the unfortunate player is WAN MOHD ZAKI IDRIS. Heart attack was believed as the caused of the death.

As respecting Wan Mohd Zaki death, the tournaments which has reach the 2nd round were postponed to 6 January 2008.

Two chess player (Dr.Dhiauddin,Ronnie Lim) that have a medical qualifaction help Wan Mohd Zaki when he collapsed during the tournaments.

It's a sad day and a sad situation for Malaysian Chess. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.Anybody who have details about his family please sent some info how we can help the family of Wan Mohd Zaki.


nyzam1991 said...

I'm Wan Zainun, elder sister to the late of Wan Mohd Zaki Idris. On behalf of my family, I would to extend my sincere thank you to all his lovely friend for all your kindness and cooperation.

nyzam1991 said...

We be having 'kenduri tahlil' for arwah in Kuala Lumpur on sunday(9/12/07) after zuhur at this address(NO-8, JLN 3/8, TAMAN BUKIT INDAH, AMPANG, SELANGOR).
For further information and clarification please contact these numbers:-
Wan Zainun - 019 9700427
Wan Zakiah - 016 2008618

taufiq said...

really shocking indeed..
takziah kepada keluarga arwah..
harap banyak bersabar.

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