Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tal Memorial 2007 Opening Ceremony: Ivanchuk Wear His Favourites Pink Pant!!!

Watch ( starting at point 40 seconds and then from 1 minutes 26 second) Ivanchuk famous pink pants during the drawing lots.

The Tal Memorial Tournament has kicked off. The 1st round produce only one decisive game that's Leko win over Shirov. Other games ended in a draw. However, Kramnik as white almost lost to the Norwegian prodigy Magnus Carlsen but he managed to hold Carlsen mating attack and convert to a draw rook endgame. The event takes place in Moscow from 9th-19th November 2007. This event will be followed by the FIDE approved World Blitz Championship which will be a double round robin starting from November 21st-22nd 2007.

For me, the most interesting thing happen at the opening ceremony is about Ivanchuk - wearing his favourites pink pant. I've mention about his famous pink pant before. Is it his main secret behind his recent succes of being no. 2 in the world ranking behind the World Champion Vishy Anand?

You can see Ivanchuk wearing his favourite pants in others tournaments in my previous article here

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