Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Interesting Facts About Viswanathan Anand - According to GM Dibyendu Barua!

Below is an excerpt from one of article about Anand in the internet. GM Dibyendu Barua (photo right) - former Indian top GM has an interesting opinion about the World Champion.

...“One aspect of Anand that I admire is his warmth, his softness, his human-ness. He is almost too nice to be the world champion. Top level chess players are generally short-tempered, egoistic, but Anand is the opposite -- he is very friendly, very lovable, and he has the ability to take victory and defeat in his stride. You will see top chess players getting surly after a defeat, they will refuse to meet the media and their fans. Anand is the opposite -- no matter what the result is, he is the same, he will be as polite and courteous to his fans after a defeat, as after a win, and that is what makes him such a universal favourite.” ...

Watching Anand post match conference (below) after his first lost in the recent World Championship against Krammnik - i could't agree more .

read the full article at rediff.com

Video from chessvibes.com

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