Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blitzing with Dr. Talal Abass

Dr Talal Abbas (WHO) helding a discussion on road safety in Lebanon

Last night I played a couples of online blitz game in ICC against a new friend - Dr. Talal Abass from Lebanon. I soon discover that he has a doctorate in general physican! it sound greats and i look at his profile and look for more info about him.

On 5 September 2004, he involve in a workshops discussing Road Safety topic in Lebanon. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Safety Organization (WSO) noticed that Lebanon has the highest rate of road fatalities in the developed world.

Dr. Talal Abass, the Coordinator of the National Program on Injury and Accident Prevention in the World Health Organization, indicated that the WHO has a significant role in accident prevention. From this point of view, he declared that safety promotion requires a combination between the policy makers and the public awareness. He proceeded that traffic problems are increasing due to unawareness and the bad conditions of roads.

Regarding the study on Road Safety in Lebanon that occurred in great Beirut, Dr. Talal Abass suggested a set of rules that should be applied in order to prevent car accidents.
He also provided the leaders of the Islamic Risala Scout Association a some of information that helped them to promote the health action plan on road safety. Despite the fact that about 357 Lebanese were killed in car crashes in 2003, Dr. Abass found that the majority of people neither uses seat belt nor abide the rules and regulations of road safety ( sounds fimiliar!!!-hairulov!!! :)). Moreover, he added that enormous human, social, and economic losses are caused by these accidents; thus they pose a major public health threat to the community.

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