Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Anand : First Vegetarian World Chess Champion !

After winning the World Championship, Anand was invited to a special dinner by the organiser. One of the menu served at the dinner is..... grasshopper. A chess fan gave a comment in Chessvibes that he believe Anand is actually a vegetarian! I'm not really sure whether Anand eat it or not but i've done some research in the internet to find whether Anand is really a vegetarian or not!

Anand with Aruna, Nielsen and the organiser
photo from chessbase.com

The dishes: Taco with Chapulines and grasshoppers !. Bon appetit!
photo from Chessbase.com
Ok, for anyone of you who interested to try the Chapulines. This is some information about the recipe.
"...These chapulines, or grasshoppers, are delicious in tacos or on their own as a quick snack. They are very popular in Oaxaca, Mexico where they are consumed on a daily basis. Chapulines are very high in protein yet very low in fat and have a wonderful crunchy texture when cooked properly. Grasshoppers in abundance are hard to find and even in Mexico they are only found in certain states. But if you do come across a good Chapulines source, you can use this recipe for fantastic reults. Grasshoppers can sometimes contain parasites, so cooking them thoroughly is very important...."
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Grasshopper: Mr. Anand, do i look like a vegetable?

"....Wherever he (Anand) goes, he ensures that his diet is always vegetarian. There is no question of mental exhaustion because of the lack of a meat-based diet...."

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"...Anand is a worthy opponent in both ability and charisma. Though the game was devised in India some 2,000 years ago, his nation has produced surprisingly few chess geniuses. Anand, raised in Madras, became India's first grand master when he was only 17. Still boyish-looking at 25, Vishy--as he is familiarly known--is one of India's most famous sporting heroes. Yet he carries himself with an almost Gandhi-like humility. According to S. Lourduraj, one of his high school math teachers, "He was gentle with his classmates and respectful to his teachers. That's why God has blessed him so much." A nondrinker and strict vegetarian, the single Anand invariably travels with his parents. Once asked the secret to his success, Anand said, "I am laid back and relaxed. You have a problem if you get too excited. I play without being too optimistic...."

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"...In a press conference after a brief visit to the VIP room, Anand said it was ``dream vome true'' experience to win this event. Anand's victory brings several firsts. First in Asia to win win the world championship. Some say the first vegetarian to do so. Anand replaces Khalifman as FIDE World chess champion...."

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