Friday, September 14, 2007

World Championship 2007-Mexico start with draws :(

Anand-Gelfand (1/2-1/2) photo from
Hi all,

The World Championship has started today. All 4 games have ended with a draw. In my opinion, both favorites Anand and Kramnik are just nervous and did’nt want to start badly in first round so may be ½ a point is better then losing as white in the 1st round. Gelfand and Svidler surely did’nt hesitate to take the draw as black and against the top seeded! Grischuk-Leko is another dull game with typical Leko safe play.

Grischuk as shown by lovely video at, did’nt seems that he is focusing with his game, always looks to others and walking around the stage. You would not see this with Topalov, I watch he play live in Mtel and he is like glued to his chair and could’nt be bother with others game. Morozevich – Aronian game were the last to finish and they are the only players that show some fighting spirit as both player known as creative and entertaining players . But seeing the rest of their friends shake hand , they surely didn’t want to be the only player with 0 pints in first round so ½-1/2. what a bad start for the 1 st round. I wish Luis Renerto, the famous ex-Linares organizer were here!

So far, others site like Chessbase, The Week In Chess, Chessdom, Susan Polgar Blog and has don’t tremendous live coverage for the 1st round games with picture, videos and analysis but this is not the case for the official site. I go to the official site and this is what I get :-

Dear Chess Friends,

We apologies for the problems on the website these last few days, but we have been testing the games transmission software and links with our ISP, Telmex, to ensure that we offer the maximum reliability during the World Championship.
This has meant that the web site has been unavailable and we trust that in the next few days you will see the big improvement that has been achieved.
World Chess Championship Organizing Committee.

next few days?...come on!!!!

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