Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ivanchuk: Chess Genius !? or Chess Madness ?!

See an interesting (humour!?)interview with Ivanchuk at http://blip.tv/file/323349

This time , he show another typical ivanchuk behaviour after winning The 8th Montreal International 2008. Watch the video above.

Ivanchuk gave an interesting interview after winning the Montreal 2007.
You should look at Ivanchuk strange behaviour during the interview. Wearing a suit and moving his head left and right and later holding his shirt button. The flowers next to him are moving all the time, probably because his leg is trembling.

His form have been so tremendous that he won several major tournaments. I am not a veteran! - said Vassily Ivanchuk in an interview for the newspaper "Komanda". The Ukrainian leading player continues his impressive winning streak after he took Capablanca Memorial and Aerosvit Foros. This time he edged World Championship participant Alexander Grischuk by half point in the 10-player rapid Pivdenny Bank Chess Cup.

Recently he won The 8th Montreal International took place 19th-28th July 2007. Vassily Ivanchuk continued his hot run of form taking clear first with 7/9.

John Henderson wrote an interesting behavior of Ivanchuk at Chessbase in 2002. here is part of the interesting stories….

….“My own personal favourite, witnessed at first hand, came at the end of the 1994 Intel Grand Prix in London after he had beaten Vishy Anand in the final. Intel had decided to go into the PR of the tournament in a big way and had presented Chucky with a large cardboard cheque (about 3 ft x 4 ft) for $30,000, which before the ceremony they had quickly written his name on it with a black marker. After the photographers had finished taking their pictures and everyone started to leave the theatre, Chucky was left alone on stage still holding the presentation cheque. Looking a bit bemused by it, he stared at it for a priceless 10 seconds or so before attempting to fold it to get it into his wallet! You could hear the organizer frantically shouting to him "No! No, Chucky! The real cheque is in the envelope inside the trophy”…

You can read the full article at http://www.chessbase.com/events/events.asp?pid=110

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