Saturday, July 21, 2007

Shortest Checkmate Possible.

Chess is a nice game that many unthinkingable moves exits that is beyond normal people imagination. For example, normal people who know how to play the moves knows about the scholar mates or checkmate in 4 moves. They always think that it is the shortest possible way to win the game. But, almost all of them don’t know that there’s shorter way to checkmate. ( of course it is not a force move) .
I tell my fellow friends that the shortest way to end a chess game is by checkmating your opponent in two move. He couldn’t believe it and ask me to prove it. Unfortunetly i fail to to make him understand without showing it in the chess board . So i decided to show him by posting the moves with diagram in my blog so that he can view it in his personal computer.

The shortest checkmate possible is in fact a two move. Checkmate won by black. Observe below:1. g4 e5 2. f3 Qh4++


1... e5

2. f3

2...Qh4++ checkmate!!!

As you can see, this is the shortest Checkmate possible in the game of Chess.

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