Thursday, June 21, 2007

Who's right ? Kramnik or Topalov?

As you all know, both World and Former World Champion, Vladimir Kramnik and Veselin Topalov accusing FIDE for favouring their opponent in World Championship Cyle 2006 held at Elista . Recently Kramnik mention in an interview with that FIDE doing all the thing to favour Topalov request , where as Danialov (Topalov manager-photo above) in an interview with acusing FIDE for favouring Kramnik

This is excerpt from both interview :-

Kramnik (photo left) interview with chessbase:-


Humanly I think it can be understood, because it was clear from the very beginning that they had started to violate the contract. We had a contract, an agreement – and I am not even talking about a gentleman’s agreement, which would have been for me already enough. But we had a clear contract. The Appeals Committee, based on the friends of Danailov, were violating this contract day after day. We were telling them, people, sorry, you are violating the contract, this is a call, this is a call, you are violating the contract. They didn’t care at all. And then all this already started to get on my nerves. You know that during a world championship match you are very tense in general, it is a tension, nervous tension. Such things slowly get on your nerves. I felt during this match completely helpless, I felt like okay, what can I do? This Appeals Committee is just made of friends of Danailov, and they are doing whatever they want, and they have the final word on everything. According to FIDE rules the decision of the Appeals Committee is final. They are making decisions, violating the contract. Of course it is clear that after the match I can sue them. But this would be after the match. I want to play a match and I want to play it on the board.
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Danialov (Topalov manager) interview with chessbase:-

Why don't you challenge the winner of Mexico?

This is the problem, we would like to do that, but in the meantime FIDE changed the regulations, which was not legal. They can't change the WCC regulations during the same cycle. FIDE have broken unilaterally point 2.8. from the contract with Topalov for WCC match in Elista signed personally by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. And I will show them this contract in Tallinn because probably they forgot what they signed. But this is not the worse, FIDE changed the regulations for the second time giving the guaranteed rematch for Kramnik with the winner of Mexico, no matter what happens there. This is really incredible! They break the rules for the second time in the same cycle which is not legal at all, but the worse is that they obviously try to harm Topalov and give all kind of privileges to Kramnik. What kind of serious organization can do this? This is a unique case in the history of any sport, without any precedent!
On the other hand, this case has its moral side. The World Championship is the face of FIDE and can't be hostage of political games and unclear interests. All the best players have to play there because everybody wants to know who is the best player in the world. FIDE has big responsibility in front of the world chess community and needs to think about the interests of chess before everything. If they exclude Topalov on purpose it will become obvious that something is wrong.

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…so who are right in this case? You judge yourself…!!!

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