Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shake Hand Or Else...!!!!

25 June 2007- The FIDE Presidential Board decided on setting up strict rules regarding unacceptable social behaviour of players toward their opponent or officials, journalists etc.

The FIDE Presidential Board –at the suggestion of President Ilyumzhinov- decided on setting up strict rules regarding such behaviour.Any player who does not shake hands with the opponent (or greets the opponent in a normal social manner in accordance with the conventional rules of their society) before the game starts in a FIDE tournament or during a FIDE match (and does not do it after being asked to do so by the arbiter) or deliberately insults his/her opponent or the officials of the event, will immediately and finally lose the relevant game!

I give you a good tip- practise shaking hand at the mirror before games to make sure you does not forget it ..or else....

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