Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Round 2 Highlights !

This is the past record of the players competing in Round 2 Elista, Candidate 2007. I'm using chessgames.com as the source.

Aronian (2759)-Shirov(2699) ( 1-0)
Aronian beat Shirov with black at Tal Memorial 2007 and draw two times against the same opponent at Mainz Ordix 2005 and Corus Wijk Aan Zee 2007.

Peter Leko(2738)-Evgeny Bareev(2635) (4-0)

Leko meet Bareev 9 times and he beat Bareev 4 times (Super GM 2000, Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting 2002, Amber Blindfold 2003, 14th Amber Tournament: Rapid 2005. They draw 5 times (Hoogovens Tournament Wijk aan Zee NED 1995, Belgrade1996, Amber Blindfold 2002, 13th Amber Rapid 2004, Wijk an Zee Corus Chess 2004). Bareev never beat Leko before!

Sergei Rublevsky(2680)-Alexander Girschuk (2717) (1-0)

Grischuk meet Rublevsky 4 times and he managed to beat Rublevsky once at 6th Poikovsky Karpov Tournament 2005, They draw 3 times (5th Karpov It Tournament 2004, 11th Ordix Open2004, Aerosvit GM Tournament 2006). Rublevsky never beat Grischuck!

Boris Gelfand (2733) - Gata Kamsky (2705) (5-3)

They have meet 18 times! and Gelfand have won 5 , draw 10 , and lost 3 time s against Kamsky.

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