Saturday, June 09, 2007

Gata Kamsky New Looks!

Compare the photo of the present Gata Kamsky (above) with Gata Kamsky about ten years ago (left)

Gata evolution was cause by the "Rustam Factor". Rustam Kamsky, ( below) Gata father was a strong character in Gata career development as an elite Grandmaster, especially in his youth. His father ( a former boxers) control all things regarding Gata Kamsky. He even choose a lady for Gata to married ( unsuccesfully i think !) Once he even slapped Gata during interview for unapproved opinion by Gata. Such a strong charecter in Gata life that Gata were tuned as a robot.

Now time has past by, and Gata has growth freely from his father influenced. As you can see in above photo, Gata could even smile at the press conference right after his loss against Gelfand. Ten years ago ,you will never and surely not see Gata doing this if his father were there .

It seems that he has not yet fully enjoyed his youth time as normal youth should experience. This show lately by the way he dress and more smile in his face compare ten or fifteen years ago.

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