Monday, June 11, 2007

Dissapointing games in round 5!

Games 5 in round 2 proved to be the most boring games so far. 3 games ( Aronian-Shirov, Leko-Bareev and Grischuk- Rublevsky) ended in a draw . The game Kamsky is still on with Kamsky down a pawn so far. (update:Kamsky lost to Gelfand)

Game 1 : Aronian-Shirov

Both players rapidly excute their move and they reach 20+ move by only using less than 15 minutes both. It looks like both are playing their preparation and Aronian

Game 2 : Leko-Bareev
Bareev trailing by 2 points didn't achieve much in this game end agree to pack his bag early by agreeing for a draw against Leko.

Game 3 : Grischuk- Rublevsky
Grischuk seems confident to draw this game although he have to play with the black piece tomorrow. What a gamble!?

Game 4 : Kamsky-Gelfand
Kamsky simply down a pawn and try his best defending endgame with much difficulty.
Kamsky fighting spirit proved not enough and he lost to Gelfand .
Leko and Gelfand will go to Mexico where as Aronian, Shirov, Grischuk and Rublevsky will fight tommorow to fight for two more seat to Mexico. Four places available in the September World Championship in Mexico

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