Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bishop versus knight!

I've played a blitz game against genegilmerry in Internet Chess Club (ICC) last night. I managed to draw a difficult (losing)bishop+pawn versus knight +pawn ending with pawn on both side . I carelessly change the battle from two side to only one side of the board.

This give more chance to the Knight side to win the game because all of the pawns are on one side .

As IM Jerimy Silman mention in his book The Amateur's Mind-The Battle Between Bishops and Knights:

...."Knights are superior to Bishops in an endgame if all the pawns are on one side of the board. This is because the Bishop's long-range powers no longer have meaning while the Knight's ability to go to either colour square means that there is no safe haven for the enemy Kings or pawns"....

genegilmeryy (1945) - hairulov (1932)
ICC Internet Chess Club, 23.06.2007[Blitz-5 minutes]

........55.gxh3+- Ke5 56.h4 Ke6 57.h5 Ke5 Two pawn down, my position is lost but....

58.h6? [ genegilmeryy made mistake. He/she should have played 58.Nh6+- and later Ng4 and win the game] 58...Bxh6= 59.Nxh6 [59.Kxh6 will lose the knight on f5 and later the f- pawn] Kf4 1/2-1/2

* anybody knows what's the correct way to copy and paste a 3d chess diagram on Paint ?- i don't know how to avoid copying the menu box

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