Monday, May 21, 2007

Topalov done it again!

photo from M-TelMaster Website

Veselin Topalov emerged as the 2007 M Tel Master champion and he has done it for the third consecutive time ! Usually the winner can keep the trophy if he win three times and i believe he deserve it.

I watched the game live on the Internet Chess Club (ICC) and the final round was a very thrilling episode…almost all participant except Adams had a realistic chance to win the event. Sasikiran the leaders have 5 points where as , Topalov, Kamsky, Mamedyarov and Nisipeanu all have 4 ½ ponts . Adams the tail enders have 4 points only. The game Mamedyarov and Nisipeanu end early and peacefully. This leave Sasikiran, Topalov and Kamsky a chance to win this event if they win and others lost.

Topalov-Sasikiran was an interesting game. Topalov sacrifice a piece and obtain three connected passed pawn on the kingside and Sasikiran black bishop can’t do much because it was paralyzed by his bad pawn formation in the centre and queenside.

Adams – Kamsky game was quite balanced although the computer gave Adams a slight advantage. Adams knowing he didn’t have the chance to win this tournament choose to sit tight and let Kamsky to press hard.The game ended peacefully.

Topalov has repeat the tale story of come back. He has a bad result in the first phase of the event and manage to catched up with the leaders at the second phase. He shows that he still a force to be reckon.