Saturday, May 19, 2007

A&W combo

Hairul - Rusdi
Blitz games A&W SS13 Subang Jaya, 09.12.2006

This position occurred in one off my blitz game against my very good friend the "legendary coffe house player" Rusdi Sidi at A&W Subang Jaya (SS13).White looks hopeless because black threaten ..Qh3 and mate at g2 seems almost unstoppable .At this point Rusdi as usual start laughing at me but i managed to find the saving move!!! 1.Qc3 played after a very long think 1...Qh3 Without realizing my next reply, Rusdi instantly played this move - with his broad smile. 2.Nf4!! Yup...the whole idea is mate on g7!!!. The knight prevent mate on g2 and if 2...exf4 3. Qg7++ - it was black who will be checkmate :). At this point Rusdi start screaming - what is happening? what is happening? he start arguing the position, he said that how come the queen is on c3-hahaha -typical Rusdi :o 2...Qh6 3.cxb6 exf4 4.exf4 and after about a dozen more move Rusdi resign. 1–0 – I will remember this position as A&W combo :)

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