Saturday, November 11, 2006

Do your know what chess players do when they meet for the first time during Hari Raya Aidilfitri?

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Do your know what chess players do when they meet for the first time during Hari Raya Aidilfitri (muslim in Malaysia celebrate raya for one month)? Do they arrange to celebrate at open house? Do they watch Hari Raya programme in T.V? Do they shake hand asking for forgiveness?- No- what they did is they arrange a chess match !!! That is what happen last night (10 November 2006, Friday ). Two team, Nusa Mahkota and The Spawn play a friendly match in A&W, Subang Jaya (beside Kompleks 3K) at 9 p.m .

The match was won by Nusa Mahkota in all boards with all boards produce a fighting games. But that is not the most important think about the match. It was the friendly environment and generous hospitality provided by The Spawn team that have to be specially mentioned. Special thanks to Mr. Kevin Seow and Mr. Chan Wai Meng for arranging the match and the generous hospitality they provided to us. (they provided us with A&W Root Beer Float during the games!!!-what more u can ask!!!)

At the end, during the closing speech , Mr Chan welcome us to play in their “official venue” every Thursday night at A&W, Subang Jaya (beside Kompleks 3K, Subang Jaya) and I my self on behalf of Nusa Mahkota thanks The Spawn Team for the hospitality and i said that they have set a high standard benchmark for the return match that will be host by the Nusa Mahkota team . We are looking forward to meet again in the near future. Thanks again The Spawn!!!

The players:


Rizal Ahmad Kamal
Shamsul Bahrin bin Patahol Rahman
Rusdi Sidi
Hairul Abdul Hamid (yours truly)
Roy Lau (* The spawn team member playing for us to complete the board line-up)


Stewart Ship
Iskandar Rashid
Alvin Rodney
Charly (Nice French Guy)
Mr Bong

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